Dear Diary: Too Soon To Start Dating?

It was a few weeks after my future ex-husband and I agreed to get a divorce. The details why we decided to get a divorce aren’t very important, however I should note that it felt as if I was single the last two years of our relationship. We were living like roommates and my physical and sexual attraction to him was completely gone.

Broken-hearted, confused and insecure, I immediately began seeking out friends and co-workers who have gone through divorces themselves. I was pleasantly surprised to realize it was very easy to find divorcees – they were out there in the droves! I know this isn’t necessarily a thing to be happy about, but it was very comforting at a time when I was feeling guilt for what felt was a failure due to my faults. By the way, in retrospect I realize it was NOT my fault. It just was not meant to be. 

Anyways, so after having coffee, lunches, dinners and drinks with a bunch of divorcees, I realized that most of my fellow divorcees immediately started dating. I found this a shock and thought it was too soon, however it encouraged me to download dating apps – specifically Tinder, Hinge and Bumble. This is such an awkward time in my romantic and personal life that I decided to start a blog to keep track of my dating experiences. Enjoy.

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